Suhagra - Sildenafil

The active ingredient in Suhagra is sildenafil citrate, and it also the active ingredient in the original Viagra. Sildenafil citrate is present in the same proportions in both the generic Viagra, Suhagra, and the original Viagra. Suhagra is a chemical replica of the original, and will work exactly as well as the original. The only difference between Suhagra and Viagra is the price

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Suhagra is a very effective medication, and should work for most men. If you have previously taken Viagra, and had good results, then Suhagra will certainly work for you. Additionally, if you have previously taken a medication like Levitra or Cialis, and had success, then Suhagra will also work for you. All of these aforementioned drugs work through a very similar process of PDE5 inhibition, and therefore, if one will work, then all should work.

If you can ever achieve any degree of an erection, then there is very good chance that Suhagra will help you to better your sexual performance. If you can ever achieve any degree of an erection, any of the time, then the physiological processes at work in the creation of an erection are still viable, and should respond well to a medication that will increase the effectiveness of these already naturally occurring processes in the creation of an erection.

Most men will experience good results the first time that they try Suhagra, but some men will need to take the pill a couple of times before experiencing a full erection. If you have been sexually inactive for some time, then you may need to try a few times before Suhagra will work for you. There are a number of different dosage strengths available, so if you do not experience success with a smaller dose, then you may benefit from an increased dosage, up to the maximum available daily dosage of 100 mgs.


  • » Will Viagra affect orgasm?

    No, since Viagra depends upon stimulation for it to be effective, orgasm is not affected.

    It is essential to learn more about Viagra before opting to try it and reading information and taking them into account would be wise.

  • » How often can it be used?

    the only recommended usage would be once/day.

  • » What is the minimum and maximum age?

    Viagra has been tested and proven safe for men aging up to eighty five years old. Viagra hasn't been tested with men aging 18 years old and lower.

  • » Does Viagra can cause priapism (an erection that won't go down)?

    No, there were definitely no episodes or instances of priapism in any study of Viagra. This pill doesn't cause an erection without a sexual simulation. It's definitely not life intraurethral therapy or penile injections, so its action mechanism is different.

  • » How does it work?

    Viagra functions as a PDE 5 inhibitor or phosphodiesterase type 5. It means that this pill changes or suppresses how your body reacts with PDE 5. If this happens, and if there are sexual simulations, the nitric oxide chemical causes the penis' smooth muscles to relax. This allows much more blood to flow and reach the essential vessels in your penis. If a sexual simulation doesn't occur, you will not have an erection.

  • » Is Viagra really effective?

    According to various studies about Viagra, it had been showed that eighty eight percent of men taking Viagra said that their erections have improved.

  • » How and how often can Viagra be taken?

    You shouldn't take Viagra more than once within 24 hour period. And the mode of intake of this pill should be orally about an hour before having sex. No two erectile dysfunction medications must be taken together within the same twenty four hours even if they're different medications.

    Also, erectile dysfunction medications shouldn't be used along with other type of ED treatments like vacuums, implants, injections, etc.

  • » Can Viagra be taken with alcohol or food?

    Viagra works quickly if it is taken on empty stomach since its active ingredient, sildenafil citrate absorbs to your bloodstream much quicker. Foods that are taken in less than 2 hours prior to taking Viagra, especially those with high fat content like cheeseburger and fries can actually prevent the absorption of Viagra and can delay its effect. However, the pills can be effective when it was taken with foods, as long as its active ingredient was absorbed. It is, however, recommended to take Viagra without the presence of alcohol because it may cause increase in common side effects like muscle aches or headaches.

  • » How fast does Viagra work and how long will it last?

    all the 3 FDA approved meds for ED including Viagra usually begin to take effect about ½ an hour after taking the pill, or even slightly lesser time. Viagra usually lasts for 4 hours or even more.

  • » What does Viagra can't actually do?

    Viagra is becoming more and more popular because it is proven safe and effective as a treatment for most men. However, Viagra is definitely not a cure for erectile dysfunction. It is only a treatment for ED. Viagra can't protect sex couples from STD or sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, virus that can cause AIDS. Also, Viagra is certainly not an aphrodisiac or hormone, thus it can never increase your sex drive.

  • » What are the available doses of Viagra?

    Viagra is widely available in dosage of 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. it is advisable to consult a doctor regarding the right dose for you.

    If you're prescribed the 25mg or 50mg dosage, you may opt to purchase Viagra at its next highest amount of dose and then use your pill splitter to cut the pill in half, thereby having the perfect dosage for you. Since Viagra are almost similar in prices regardless of dose amount, lots of patients say that they can actually save substantial money by splitting the pill.

  • » What are the common side effects of Viagra?

    Side effects of Viagra are only mild – moderate. And they usually last not more than few hours prior to dissipating. Side effects more likely to appear on higher doses, and the most common ones are headache, flushing face, and upset stomach. There are also side effects that occur less such as temporary vision change in color, increase in light sensitivity, blurred vision. In rare occasions, men reported their erection lasts for many hours. It is advisable to call your doctor if your erection lasts over four hours. If it's not treated immediately, there might be permanent damages to the penis.

  • » Can women also take Viagra?

    according to Viagra's manufacturer, Viagra is definitely not suitable for newborns, children, or women.

  • » What are potential hazardous drug interactions w/ Viagra?

    Those who are taking meds with nitrates – regularly or when needed shouldn't take Viagra because it can cause blood pressure drop to dangerous levels. Mixing nitrate meds with Viagra can cause fainting, dizziness, even strokes and heart attacks. Lots of prescription drugs in treating angina usually contain nitrates such as nitroglycerin, isosorbide dinitrate, and isosorbide mononitrate. Nitrite and Amyl nitrate also have nitrates.

    Those who are taking medicines referred to as alpha blockers for treating high blood pressure must consult a doctor, because their blood pressure might suddenly drop, which causes a person to faint or get dizzy.

    Those who are taking protease inhibitor must consult a doctor about Viagra dosage.

    Viagra shouldn't be taken along with other meds or treatments for erections. This may include pills, meds inserted or injected to the penis, vacuum pumps, or implants.

  • » How Viagra should be stored?

    Obviously, Viagra should be stored safely away from children's reach. Store it inside the original container and at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. However, excursions in temperature from 59 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit are still acceptable.

  • » What are the differences between Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra?

    There are actually many differences between them. Viagra MD offers comprehensive chart outlining the differences between these three. Although Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra works similarly, but they may offer different results to different patients because of the fact that their ingredients are different as well. Some patients are opting to try them all in order to know which of them works better and which one will provide less side effects.

  • » Is a prescription needed to buy Viagra from online pharmacies?

    Yes, to protect and ensure your health, you have to have a prescription before you buy Viagra. Online pharmacies mustn't provide a prescribed medication without prescription. Lots of online pharmacies offer on staff physicians to review online questionnaires containing comprehensive medical and health information. It is recommended to see you doctor once per year to monitor and assess your health.

  • » How much Viagra cost online vs. Pharmacy?

    In general, Viagra costs quite a few dollars less from a pharmacy. However, a lot of consumers appreciate the privacy and convenience from purchasing online and have the Viagra discreetly delivered to them. Online pharmacies ask the customer to fill in their health questionnaire and offer free consultation online. Thus, this saves them visits to their doctor's office as well as to pharmacy.

  • » How's Viagra supplied?

    Viagra is commonly available as oral pills or tablets usually in doses of 25mg, 50mg, and 100 mg.

  • » What's Viagra for?

    Viagra is FDA approved treatment for those who find it difficult to have and maintain an erection.

Few Tips

  • » The Expiry Date

    Another important thing that you have to take into consideration before buying Viagra is to check the expiry date. The expiry is always provided by the manufacturer and this will tell you about how long the pill will be more likely to remain at its best quality. If you take an expired Viagra, this will not give you your desired result and this can actually lead to some serious illnesses. You must always be aware of the expiry date of the product before you buy them to ensure that you are able to get the best results you need. Never take the risk of taking expired Viagra.

    If you are suffering from sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, buying Viagra is one of the best decisions that you can ever make. However, before buying one, you must first deeply understand the product, what it can give you, the considerations and so much more. The number of those who are selling Viagra in today's market is really overwhelming that is why you must be able to be wise enough to determine the best company that will provide you the best products that can deliver exceptional results. If you want to improve your sexual experience, Viagra is definitely the best product that you must use.

  • » Quantity

    If you are really serious about improving your sexual life and obtaining a firmer and harder erection, you must buy pills of great quantity. There is actually no sense to buy just 300 pieces if you want to constantly have a good erection that can enhance your sexual experience with your partner. If you buy more pieces of Viagra pills, rest assured that you will have a more enjoyable sexual experience than you have ever expected.

  • » Where to Buy Viagra?

    Viagra is a revolutionary pill that is highly famous throughout the world. This product has actually changed the face of the treatment for erectile dysfunction and some other sexual problems since it has been introduced in the market. However, because of the popularity of this product, there are also some manufacturers who are providing bogus and unreliable Viagra.

    There are a lot of pharmacies that offer Viagra, but it is only in good-checked pharmacy where you can get the best and authentic Viagra pills that can bring ultimate benefits for you. Before you buy Viagra pills, it is important to make some research about the company or manufacturer to ensure that you will obtain only the best product that you need. You may check online reviews that will tell you or give you a gist about how efficient their products are. Authentic Viagra can also be bought from reliable and well-known pharmacy which has gained a reputation when it comes to offering the best Viagra pills.

    The best Viagra pharmacy must be able to give you lots of information that you have to understand about this essential drug. They must also give you important details with regards to the right Viagra dosage, side effects and some important considerations that you must take note of regarding the product.

  • » Why You Should Have a Prescription

    As being said, Viagra is not suitable for everyone. There are a lot of considerations to think of before buying or taking this drug. This may also carry some side effects that may not be good for some people with some medical situations. If you take this drug without prescription from your doctor, this may harm your body and may also lead to some serious illnesses or diseases. Once you buy Viagra without your doctor's prescription, this may also worsen your condition.

  • » Prescription

    If you are suffering from sexual problems and you have decided to take Viagra to improve your sexual life, it is important for you to understand that Viagra is actually a prescription medicine that is essential to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence.

    Viagra is actually a drug that is not right for everyone and your doctor or any professional healthcare provider can decide if this is the right product that will suit your needs and is right for you. Before you buy this product, you must first seek assistance from your doctor. It is also important to remember that dispensing Viagra without prescription is illegal. Also bear in mind that it is unsafe to buy it without any prescription from your doctor.


  • » Manufacturer

    Because of the great popularity of Viagra, a lot of manufacturers are also now offering this product in the market. Identifying the best manufacturer is one of the most important things that you have to consider before buying Viagra. There are a lot of manufacturers of Viagra all over the world and throughout the internet. They have invested money and time in learning about the important and key ingredients of Viagra that may help people to obtain the best benefits that they want.

    The number of manufacturers of Viagra is really overwhelming that is why it is important to make an extensive research to help you determine the most reliable manufacturer that offers the best product that you need. You can search online and learn about several companies and manufacturer who can deliver the best and authentic Viagra.

    Buying Viagra is really an important thing that you have to do and identifying the best manufacturer to supply you with this product is really important. You must be able to identify the company that manufactures the best and the most reliable product to ensure that you can get your desired results.


  • » Brand VS Generic

    There are a lot of things that you have first to consider before buying Viagra, and that is to decide whether you would go for the generic or the branded one. Over the years, people are started to look for the generic form of Viagra which has also gained supreme popularity. read more